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Pregnancy is an important time to maintain spinal health and alignment. In pregnancy, the uterus, muscles, ligaments and bones of a woman’s body all have to work together to ensure proper alignment for a healthy birth. Abnormal tension in the muscles, fascia or ligaments surrounding the uterus results in uneven forces applied to the baby’s surroundings. The baby must then accommodate to the space available, no matter how cramped or distorted. Chiropractic care and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) throughout pregnancy helps to restore balance to the muscles and bones of the body. This can help create a more comfortable pregnancy for both mom and baby.




Happy Patients

Dr. Green was a necessity for both of my pregnancies. I felt like she was professional and did a great job adjusting, but also made me feel at ease about every step along the way. I had two very smooth pregnancies and labors and I accredit that to the work of Dr. Green. In my opinion, friends don't let friends go without Dr.Green during pregnancy.
Sarah M.